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Pallet Rack and Flow Rack Label Holders

Pallet Rack and Flow Rack Label Holders


Pallet Rack and Flow Rack Label Holders Features:

Keep your pallet and flow racks organized and easy-to-identify and clean up ugly racks without the time and cost involved with painting.  These holder prevent mislabeled and misidentified racks or shelves.  The rack placard label holder is designed for easy removal and replacement of labels or barcodes on pallet racks, flow racks and shelving.

The rack placard label holder adheres permanently to metal surfaces in a wide range of temperatures and accepts most standard label adhesives. The Industrial labels (used for outdoor applications) have a better service and application temperature, as well as better adhesive formulation, then the Economy labels (used for indoor applicatons).

Pallet Rack and Flow Rack Label Holders

Model Specs Label
Package Net Wt.
RPI-1-5 1"x100' roll Industrial 5 rolls 3
RPE-1-5 1"x100' roll Economy 5 rolls 3
RPI-1-25 1"x100' roll Industrial 25 rolls 11
RPE-1-25 1"x100' roll Economy 25 rolls 11
RPI-1-50 1"x100' roll Industrial 50 rolls 22
RPE-1-50 1"x100' roll Economy 50 rolls 22
RPI-1-100 1"x100' roll Industrial 100 rolls 44
RPE-1-100 1"x100' roll Economy 100 rolls 44
RPI-2-5 2"x100' roll Industrial 5 rolls 4
RPE-2-5 2"x100' roll Economy 5 rolls 4
RPI-2-25 2"x100' roll Industrial 25 rolls 19
RPE-2-25 2"x100' roll Economy 25 rolls 19
RPI-2-50 2"x100' roll Industrial 50 rolls 38
RPE-2-50 2"x100' roll Economy 50 rolls 38
RPI-2-100 2"x100' roll Industrial 100 rolls 76
RPE-2-100 2"x100' roll Economy 100 rolls 76


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