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Pallet Inverter

Pallet Inverter

2,000 & 4,000 lb. capacities, handles up to 64 inch high pallets.
Clamping plates travel parallel and uniform on a rugged track to keep the load secure.
The self-supportive base is equipped with two-way fork pockets for easy positioning or relocating.

  • Ideal for situations where a damaged pallet, box, or bag needs to be removed from the bottom of a full load.

Can be used to easily transfer an entire load from one pallet or platform another.

  • Also used to invert stacks of sheets, paper boards and rolls rather than one by one.
Pallet Inverter Specifications:

(in )
Model No.
2,000 36x36 46 26 PI-23636E
2,000 42x42 52 32 PI-24242E
2,000 48x48 58 38 PI-24848E
4,000 48x48 58 38 PI-44848E
2,000 54x54 64 44 PI-25454E
4,000 54x54 64 44 PI-45454E






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