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Molded Rubber Hose & Cable Bridges

Molded Rubber Hose & Cable Bridges


Molded Rubber Hose & Cable Bridges Features:

Designed to protect cables and hoses from pedestrian and rolling traffic. The top surface of each bridge includes serrations for extra traction. Optional connectors may be used to interlock individual units together to form wider bridges. Simply lock together as many units as required.

Model MRBR-24 has carry handles molded into the ramp. Fits over cables to protect hoses from punctures and kinks.

Series RHCB is a ideal for people who are always switching out cables but do not want to move the ramp. The model RHCB-A features an aluminum treadplate insert to protect hoses and cables (for light traffic and slow applications only).

Molded Rubber Hose & Cable Crossovers
Model PDF's Description Overall Size (WxL) Usable Span (WxH) Capacity (lbs) Wt. (lbs)
RHCB-12 Molded Rubber 12"x32-5/8" 3½"x2-7/8" 2400 33
RHCB-12A W/ Aluminum Insert 12"x32-5/8" 3"x2-7/8" 2400 38
RHCB-CON Connector Per Pair 2
MRBR-24 Molded Rubber 24"x23-1/4" 3"x 1-1/2" 2400 48
MRBR-CON Connector Per Pair 3

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