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Material Handling / Material Picking Lifts

Material Handling / Material Picking Lifts

Material Handling / Material Picking Lifts Description:


Man aboard stock and material pick vehicles are designed to move product picking personnel from one location to the next within a large distribution storage rack system. The pick car runs on an elevated rail and has a vertical traveling platform mounted on a self propelled base.  This allows the operator to travel along a fixed track between shelving racks and go up and down between multiple levels. The platform cab contains the operator control station, with attachment points for safety harnesses and utilities. The platform cab area contains electrical outlets and shelves for the inclusion of computers, printers and other electronic devices.

The platform can provide space for empty pallets, cardboard or other material. On the system that is pictured there is a self adjusting motorized conveyor that runs from the elevated platform down to a predetermined loading point. Platforms require a 480 volt, 3 phase power supply of 40 amps. Power can be supplied by bus bar system and moving contactors. The lift base is equipped with flashing “In Motion” beacons, front and rear, which signal when drive controls are activated. Spring loaded bumper on front and back sense contact and send a stop command to controls if contact is made with objects or rail end. Lift system have been designed for various rail speeds up to 225 FPM with a speed ramping system for starting and stopping. The platform raise and lower speed is up to 90 FPM.

Lift platforms can be designed to incorporate additional material handling equipment such as pallet loaders or dunnage bins.

Material Handling & Material Picking Lifts

Material Handling & Material Picking Lifts



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