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Heavy-Duty King Pin Carousel

Heavy-Duty King Pin Carousel


Heavy-Duty King Pin Carousel Features:

The Heavy Duty King Pin Carousel has all the ergonomic benefits of the standard carousel with a top plate and stabilizing center pin. Unit will handle a wider variety of loads. Features include 1/4" tread plate top on 4,000 lbs. and 3/8" tread plate top on 6,000 lbs. models. Also includes a heavy-duty maintenance free bearing. The king pin design allows off set loading up to 50% of the capacity on at least 50% of the deck. Standard top plates are square with rounded corners.



Heavy-Duty King Pin Carousel
Model PDFs Size
Height Capacity
CA-KP-3636-4 36"x36" 2-11/16" 4,000 269
CA-KP-3636-6 36"x36" 2-13/16" 6,000 306
CA-KP-4848-4 48"x48" 2-11/16" 4,000 422
CA-KP-4848-6 48"x48" 2-13/16" 6,000 506
CA-KP-6060-4 60"x60" 2-11/16" 4,000 641
CA-KP-6060-6 60"x60" 2-13/16" 6,000 749
Carousel Options
CA-HOD Hand operated Locking Detent (Factory Installed) 2




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