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Extra Travel Tri-Post Jibs

Extra Travel Tri-Post Jibs

Extra Travel Tri-Post Jibs Features:

This unique jib was designed for use in workstations. Place over the top of your workbench. Extra travel fixed-height I-beam overhangs workbench to allow lifting of products from cart to bench. Usable I-beam length is 80". Hoist and trolley can be ordered separately. Not compatible with the Eye Manual Trollies. Steel construction.

Extra Travel Tri-Post Jibs
Model Under I-Beam To Ground Overall Overall Length I-Beam Flange (WxL) Straddle Width (ID) Capacity (lbs) Wt.
Height (lbs)
TJIB-3 76-1/2" 83" 85-1/4" 2.66"x4.00" 41-1/2" 300 238
TJIB-6 76-1/2" 83" 85-1/4" 2.66"x4.00" 41-1/2" 600 248
TJIB-10 76" 83" 85-1/2" 2.66"x4.00" 41" 1,000 285
TJIB-20 76" 83-1/2" 85-3/4" 2.66"x4.00" 40-1/4" 2,000 321




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