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Ergonomic Power Assist Pallet Truck

Ergonomic Power Assist Pallet Truck

Ergonomic Power Assist Pallet Truck FeatureS:

Anyone who has operated a fully loaded pallet truck knows the most strenuous part is starting the wheels rolling. This Pallet Truck solves this back breaking problem. Pumping the handle of the pallet truck serves two purposes. First, it serves the traditional purpose of lifting the forks. Second, switch to the power drive accumulator and by pulling the handle back, the pallet truck begins to roll automatically, thus reducing the pulling force.


Ergonomic Power Assist Pallet Truck
Model PDFs Capacity
Fork Dim. Fork Service
PM5-2748-PA-Y 5,000 27"Wx48"L 3"to7-1/2" 220
PM5-2748-ER-Y 5,000 27"Wx48"L 2-7/8"to7-3/4" 265




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