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Elastic Drum Covers

 Elastic Drum Covers


 Elastic Drum Covers Features:

Polyethylene elastic drum covers protect in-plant or packaged products from outside contaminants such as water, grease, dust, and other outside elements. These low density poly covers are used for covering and protecting drums and containers that are packaging products such as foods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, as well as many other industrial packaging applications.

Elastic Drum Covers
Model Acceptable
Drum Types
Type Thickness Case
Net Wt.
DCVR-30-E 30-Gal Low Density Poly 4 Mil 100 8
DCVR-55-E 55-Gal Low Density Poly 4 Mil 100 12
DCVR-30-E-AS 30-Gal Low Density Antistat 4 Mil 100 8
DCVR-55-E-AS 55-Gal Low Density Antistat 4 Mil 100 12
DCVR-GBEC Gaylord Box Low Density Poly 4 Mil 25 14


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