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Dual Track Mounted Shelf Ladder

The patented steel Dual Trak Ladder is designed to provide safe, convenient access to tall shelving on both sides of narrow aisles in storage areas. A 33% increase in vertical storage space is typically achieved.

The key to the Dual Trak Ladder is the overhead carriage on which the ladder is mounted. This heavy-duty carriage is mounted on dual tracks attached to shelving on both sides of the aisle. The carriage and ladder assembly rolls smoothly on these tracks along the length of the storeroom aisle. Swivel casters on the bottom of the ladder assist in this easy movement and the ladder sits firmly on rubber pad legs while in use. Additionally, the ladder rolls from side to side across the aisle on a track mounted on the carriage.

Dimensions and Installation Characteristics
Ladder is 16" wide with a 71° climbing angle. Rolls on upper carriage and lower 2" swivel spring loaded casters.
Manufactured to the desired track mounting height up to a maximum of 12' 11" and specified aisle width from 30" to 62".
Maximum reaching height is 4 feet above the track level.
Uses L17 brackets on 4' maximum spacing, #78 track and 10" joint dowels.

To Order Dual Trak Mounted Ladders:
From the chart below select the proper track height range. (Keep in mind to calculate the distance from the floor to the desired track mounting surface which should be no more than 4 feet below the top of the highest merchandise to be reached. Track must be ordered for each side of the aisle. Use the L17 brackets (2 ends per track run and 4' maximum center spacing) #78 track and 10" joint dowels. Aisle widths must be specified for each ladder ordered. Dual track ladders can be used in aisles from 30" to 62" wide.)
Ships anywhere in the United States and Internationally.Designed to the strict guidelines of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the regulations of the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). Continuously being tested, improved, redesigned, and even customized through direct involvement with customers. Multiple manufacturing locations for lower freight costs, less damage, and quicker delivery.