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Die Table

Die Table

Die Table Features:

Designed to reduce back injury and cumulative trauma disorders.  Lifts heavy equipment to dynamic working height. Foot pump operated hydraulic pump and lift cylinders.  Handle height is 44-1/4".  All welded steel construction will provide years of service and hard work.  Small frame size allows unit to access hard-to-reach locations.  Two rigid and two swivel casters with a floor lock.



Die Table

Model PDFs Platform Size (WxL) Service
Power Capacity
Wt. (lbs.)
DIE-2430-36 24"x30" 24"to36" Foot Pump 2,000 290
DIE-2430-48 24"x30" 30"to48" Foot Pump 2,000 295
DIE-2430-60 24"x30" 36"to60" Foot Pump 2,000 344
DIE-2430-36-C 24"x30" 24-1/2"to36" Foot Pump 2,000 290
DIE-2430-48-C 24"x30" 30-1/2"to48" Foot Pump 2,000 295
DIE-2430-60-C 24"x30" 36-3/4"to60-3/4" Foot Pump 2,000 344
DIE-2430-DC-C* 24"x30" 24"to51" DC Powered 2,000 463
 *ONE (1) 12V Battery




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