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Crocodile System

Our Crocodile Systems are Centralised with 400Hz systems Industrial Manlifts 727-490-8839

Crocodile System

Crocodile System Features:

 60Hz in America power when they are parked at an airport apron stand. The aircraft switches its on board aircraft service loads and navigation avionics to 400Hz ground power service (GSE) provided by the airport.

The airport 400Hz “ground power” service is used Instead of the aircraft having to continue running the engines and the on board turbo generator auxiliary power unit (APU).

This 400Hz “ground power” service supply eliminates the noise and air pollution, unnecessary fuel consumption and non essential operating hours of the APU and contributes to the reduction of maintenance on the aircraft APU, generators and batteries.

Centralised 400Hz systems

Industrial Man Lifts is your aerial access solution provider. We can customize any product for any size job. Operators always standing by, (727) 490-8839.

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