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CH47 CH54 Helicopter Maintenance Platform

Industrial Man Lift's CH47 / CH54 helicopter maintenance/service platform was developed from the most proven design in scissor mechanisms, engine driven hydraulic systems, and safety devices. The unit is drivable and steerable at all elevations allowing easy positioning of unit and reduced setup time.

The Helicopter Maintenance Platform is designed for the maintenance of CH47 and CH54 helicopter rotors, but may be used for any overhead maintenance application.



  • Travel Speed  Proportional 0  3 mph (0  4.83 k/hr)
  • Travel Speed at Elevation Proportional 0  0.5 mph (0  0.80k/hr)
  • Max. Tow Speed 20 mph (32.2 k/hr) Gradability 30%
  • Platform Lift/Lower Speed  0.40 ft/sec (0.12 m/sec) *Lift/Lower speed may vary according to load and atmospheric conditions.
  • Maximum Platform Height  14 6 (4.42m)
  • Minimum Platform Height  5 6 (1.68m)
  • Maximum Working Height  20 6(6.25m)
  • Travel Height  9 0 (2.74m)
  • Guardrail Height  42 (1.07m)
  • Maximum Platform Capacity  2,250 lbs (1,020.6 kg)
  • Capacity on Extenda-decks  250lbs (113.4kg) on each
  • Traversing Platform  12 (0.30m)
  • Four Hydraulic Stabilizers
  • Removable V-Deck Section
  • Extendable  Stowable Access Ladder 
  • Standard Paint  Gray with Yellow Rails 
  • Brakes  Spring Applied Pressure Release 
  • Perkins Diesel Engine Std (50 hp)
  • 12 Volt Electrical System - (Battery Group Size 24, 520CCA)


  • Scissor Spreader
  • Self Closing, Self Latching Gates
  • 42 (1.07m) Guardrails with Midrail and Toe Board
  • Emergency Stop Button at Each Control Station
  • Emergency Lowering System
  • Lanyard Attachment Points
  • Non-skid Flooring on Foot Traffic Areas
  • Pressure Sensitive Trip Bumpers
  • Deadman Controls
  • Horn


  • Flashing Warning Lights
  • Motion Alarm
  • Air Line to Platform
  • Platform Mounted Work Lights
  • Padded Rails
  • Aircraft Bumpers
  • Custom Paint

Industrial Man Lifts is your aerial access solution provider. We can customize any product for any size job. Operators always standing by, (888) 730-8377



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