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Castor Oil Cake Extraction Machine

The process of solvent extractor

1.The oil pre-pressed will be put in the leaching plant .Then we add NO.6 solvent oil
let oil combined with solvent .The temperature of solvent should be 55-60 degree . Then by heating ,through the first steam pipe ,second steam pipe ,then stripping tower. The solvent will come out from the cake with oil .We heat them , the solvent will change to gas to go,lifting the oil.

2.As the solvent with some oil and water ,in order to recycle solvent ,we must make it cooling .So we need the condenser.The condenser change solvent to liquid . we separate the solvent ,oil ,water .And we can recycle solvent.
Principle of seed oil extraction method
Make use of No 6 solvent oil which can dissolve in the oil and fat .make oil extracted from the flake ,by moist and penetration ,molecule convection ,spread.
Mixed oil evaporation and stripping by steam
Process of this craft
Mixed oil filter - mixed oil stored - first evaporimeter - second evaporimeter - stripping tower - crude oil



Extraction is a chemistry way to extract oil from Castor. It makes use of Solvent Extraction Principles ,which makes Number 6 solvent oil come into castor cake .Then oils and fats is dissolved from Mixed oil.

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