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Airbus A380 Towbar (TOWA380-C)

Airbus A380 Towbar (TOWA380-C)

Airbus A380 Towbar Basic Description

  • Tube made of high strenth steel, welded flash version
  • Rigid towbar eye diameter 3 inches (76,2 mm)
  • Revolving towbar head (clamp type) with shear pins for push/pull and torque and retaining pin for maximum safety
  • Hydraulically height-adjustable main undercarriage with floating axle system for easy handling
  • Hydraulically height-adjustable auxiliary undercarriage for easy towbar handling
  • Tube-mounted shear pin holder including spare shear pins
  • Every single part such as towbar head, towbar eye and undercarriage is mounted to the tube by screw and is exchangable
  • Towbar head and towbar eye are galvanised and/or salt bath nitrated
  • The remaining parts are painted with Skydrol resistant colour: yellow RAL 1028
  • 36 months warranty

Airbus A380 Towbar Technical Specification

Length: 3,6 m
Weight: 475 kg


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