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Clean Room Ladders

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Clean Room Ladders

 When you have a clean room environment, then you need specific equipment that is OSHA approved to maintain that environment. These clean room ladders will allow you to take a step in that direction. Each ladder is designed to maximize air flow while minimizing particle accumulation when the ladder is utilized. Continuous seam welds, stainless steel surfaces, and strong duty ratings help to make sure you receive the consistency you require.

Larger clean room ladders are also equipped with dual safety rails, further enhancing the level of personal safety that each worker receives. Whether you need to perform general maintenance tasks in a clean room or you need a stable platform to work on a specific project, these are the tools you need to meet all safety standards.

Why Choose Clean Room Ladders?

 Many clean room ladders come equipped with spring-loaded casters. Not only does this design help to reduce the amount of contamination that may accumulate with frequent use, but it also ensures that the ladder itself won’t move when it is being used. Instead of dealing with brakes or pins to immobilize the wheels, you’re provided a simple and effective solution that won’t damage your environment.

There is also the polishing process to be considered with the modern clean room ladder. By removing any crevices, burrs, or other imperfections from the stainless steel, you receive a smooth surface that is naturally resistant to contamination accumulation. By removing impurities, you also reduce the risks of future corrosion.

If you need to maintain the integrity of a clean room, then these clean room ladders are exactly what you need. Contact us today for a customized solution or ask questions about the various designs we have in stock right now so that you can safely and effectively get your work completed.

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