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Preventative Maintenance for Aircraft Tow bars

May 15, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News

Aircraft Towbars

The aircraft towbar is one of those aircraft maintenance equipment that is often overlooked. However, these equipment have a certain lifespan.

Not only does negligence incur a high cost of repair; it may also put the staff’s safety at risk. Equipment abuse and poor maintenance is a major cause of concern for owners.

All GSE equipment need daily inspection and certain maintenance that prevents wear and tear. This encompasses visually inspecting the condition of the machine, reviewing the instructions of the manufacture related to the equipment and having proper maintenance records. All these steps help mitigate future emergencies.

A Holistic Inspection of an Aircraft Towbar

There are many parts of a towbar that need to be properly inspected. The model, type and the manufacturer behind it, all influence how its maintenance should be carried out. A unit’s maintenance manual is available to help guide you the right way to go about inspecting and mending an aircraft tow bar.

Here are a few parts that need lubrication and visual inspection on a regular basis!

  • Shear pins: Being the main load bearer during the towing of the aircraft, they are designed in a way to not extend beyond a certain PSI limit. This limits damage to the aircraft.  Shear pins should be inspected for possible cracks, indentations or crookedness due to excess load.


  • Body of the towbar:If there are any signs of the body being bent, it should be welded and repaired. Closely check them for cracks to ensure financial and personnel safety.


  • Lifting mechanism:The core function of a towbar is to raise the head a decent distance above ground level. Until it is successfully connected to the vehicle, even the towbar wheels experience an upthrust. Hence, the manual pump should be checked for pressure and proper fuel levels. Any cracks or leaks should be duly maintained to ensure pressure standards.  


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