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What Are Some Of The Main Functions Of Crossover Platforms?

August 10, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News


Crossover platforms are important at workplaces where the workers often encounter ground obstacles along their way.

These obstacles can be in the form of protruding pipelines, conveyor belts or other hazardous things.

You may often find your workers tripping over these obstacles and getting injured. This leads to delay in work, creating inefficiencies at your workplace. So, to ensure safety at your workplace, crossover platforms play an essential role.

Crossover platforms come in a variety of designs and configurations. Whether you want a crossover ladder or a crossover railing platform at your workplace, it is solely your choice. They have been designed to help cross all obstacles safely which is important to ensure that the work stays uninterrupted.

Let us look at some of these functions of crossover platforms.

1. Improved time and motion

Workers often tend to be in a hurry while shifting goods from one place to another, particularly in warehouses. It is during this time when they overlook obstacles that come in their way, and end up injuring or, in worst cases, killing themselves.

More than 4,500 workers each year lose their lives at the workplace. Crossover platforms ensure that your workers are safe and that they complete their tasks on time.


2. Avoid extra costs for the company

Investing in crossover platforms is a single time investment for companies. However, this investment is important to avoid extra costs that the company, otherwise, may incur.

For example, if workers keep tripping over the pipeline, chances are that the pipeline may burst anytime, affecting work being performed. This calls for immediate repairs. Plus, the workers getting injured may lead to an increase in the rate of absenteeism and worker’ compensation fees, finally adding up to the company’s costs.

3. Elevated platform for supervisors

These crossover platforms provide an elevated platform for supervisors to keep a check and balance on the workers around. This way they can know if all the rules are being followed and the work being done appropriately.

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