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Loading Dock Equipment You Should Have

April 12, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News

Loading Dock Equipment You Should Have

Loading Dock Equipment You Should Have

There is no universal list of loading dock equipment that you must adhere to. The kind of loading dock equipment you need will depend entirely on the nature and scope of your operations. The kind of materials you deal with, the needs of your workers, the exact type of dock you have and the load you have to manage. These are the primary factors. The modus operandi of loading and unloading, the exact methods you use or how you have to load and unload the tonnages will also influence the choice of loading dock equipment. Some companies may need more dock seals and dock levelers while some would require more custom yard ramps. The nature of the operation will be the default criteria determining the loading dock equipment you should have.


Taking a broader view of the typical operations, you would need the following loading dock equipment: dock levelers, dock seals, dock shelters, safety equipment, specialty levelers, trailer stabilizing jacks, yard ramps and other loading dock equipment such as dock boards and plates, pallet equipment, safety gates and trailer equipment among others.

Dock Levelers

Industrial Man Lifts specializes in dock levelers. We make air powered levelers, hydraulic levelers and mechanical levelers. Some of our bestsellers are the Electric Hydraulic Dockleveler, Mechanical Docklevelers, Truck Actuated Dockleveler, “MP” Series Mechanical Leveler, CENTRAAIR® Series Air Powered Levelers, “MA” Series Air Powered Levelers, “HP” Series Standard Duty Hydraulic and “H” Series Autodok® Heavy Duty Hydraulic dock levelers.

Dock Seals

We make curtain head dock seals, curtain head “L” side pad, CWT adjustable head, fixed head, fixed head “L” side pad and inflatable fixed head. Some of our bestsellers are Dock Seals Shelters, TS200 Series Inflatable Fixed Head, TS500 Series Counterweighted Adjustable Head, TS103L Series Curtain Head “L” Side Pad, TS101L Series Fixed Head “L” Side Pad, TS103 Series Curtain Head, TS101 Series Fixed Head and Vestil Truck Dock Seal.

Dock Shelters

Industrial Man Lifts specializes in dock shelters such as flexible frame rail, flexible steel frame, flexible wood frame, inflatable rail, rigid wood frame, soft sided shelters and weather sentry. Some of our bestsellers are Retractable Dock Shelter, Dock Seals Shelters, RC200 Series Inflatable Rail, RC300 Series Flexible Frame Rail, TC1000 Series Weather Sentry™, TC900 Series Soft Sided, TC500 Series Flexible Wood Frame and TC300 Series Flexible Steel Frame.

Other Loading Dock Equipment

We also make dock boards and plates, miscellaneous equipment, pallet and ramp equipment, safety gates, trailer equipment, light communication systems, safety barriers, vehicle restraints and specialty levelers like hydraulic EOD and mechanical EOD, portable steel yard ramps, rail ramp, vertical store, trailer stabilizing jacks and aluminum yard ramps. All these are imperative loading dock equipment depending on the exact need and scope of your operations.

Some of our other bestselling loading dock equipments are Nestable Presswood Pallets, Galvanized Welded Wire Pallets, Solid Deck Steel Pallet, Steel Pallets with Galvanized Finish, Aluminum Pallets, Plastic Pallets and Skids, Plastic Pallet/Skid, Roto Grip Magnets, Magnetic Easy Lift, Safety Gates – A Series, Structural Guard Rail Systems, Heavy Duty Guard Rail, Guard Rail Systems, Structural Guard Rail – drop-in and bolt-on style, Bar Lift Barrier, Barrier Lip, Light Communication System (LCS), “STOP-TITE®” Manual Vehicle Restraint Series, Electric Hydraulic Edge-O-Dock, Hand Pump Hydraulic (series PP), Mechanical Edge-O-Dock (series FM), Portable Steel Yard Ramp, “HED” Series Hydraulic Edge Of Dock Leveler, “MEDLF” Series Mechanical Edge Of Dock Lift FreeLeveler, “RRH” Series Rail Ramp Hydraulic Leveler, “VSH” Series Vertical Storing Hydraulic Leveler, Hand Crank CJ-BEAM-PN, Big Foot BFSJ-2748, Ratchet Beam Jack LO-J-BEAM, Trailer Stabilizing Jacks3, Ratchet-Top Jack SP-TOP-R, Spin-Top Jack SP-TOP, Hand Crank CJ-BEAM-PN, Hand Crank CJ-BEAM, Big Foot Jacks BFSJ-2748 and Aluminum Yard Ramps.

Custom Loading Dock Equipment

There are standard loading and unloading procedures. There are conventional and unconventional loading dock equipments. You may have a traditional approach to cater to your operations or you may have a unique approach. Regardless of how you go about your loading, unloading and handling of your cargo or equipment, you may require some custom features in your dock seals, dock levelers or yard ramps. Industrial Man Lifts specializes in manufacturing custom loading dock equipment.

You can give us a call, tell us your needs and we can attend to them accordingly. We would not only factor in the customizability of the loading dock equipment but exactly what you need from the equipment so they can impeccably attend to those tasks. Your workers too will have certain needs for increased efficiency and safer management. Safety and efficiency as well as ease of operations are the three most important elements of any loading and unloading task. Every piece of loading dock equipment must cater to the same. With our expertise and experience, high grade materials and engineering prowess, we can manufacture the exact type of custom loading dock equipment that you need.