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Why You Should Invest in Warehouse Ladders

November 7, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News

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Warehouse LaddersWhile ladders are a common sight in numerous warehouses, not many people are aware of their use and features, or how helpful they can be, considering the need to reach higher places securely.

Warehouse ladders come in different sizes, and can be used for a diverse range of activities. Here, we delve into details of what makes them a necessity, rather than a luxury for warehouse owners.

The Benefits of Warehouse Ladders

 Safety and Stability

Warehouse ladders have a wider base and extra support, making them a more stable option than a rickety stool.

In addition, portable warehouse ladders generally have deep stairs and handrails as well, which makes it a more secure option for those who need to climb up and down the ladder while carrying tools. This safety guard works to lessen injuries and helps those unaccustomed to the use of ladders to climb properly.


These ladders usually have wheels at the bottom, which makes them easy to move around. So basically, you’ll have no problem rolling them over to any spot in the warehouse if needed. This helps increase productivity, since you can simply load your stocks, packing and inventory and move the ladder from one location to the next. This feature of mobility also makes storage easier.


Unlike forklifts or other vehicles, ladders require no expertise for use. All you need to do is push the ladder near the shelf and climb. Since most ladders have a foot function that engages when needed, this solves the problem of one person being needed to make the ladder stable while the other climbs.


Warehouse ladders are quite versatile; you’ll find many options such as rolling ladders, mobile platform ladders and work platform ladders among others for your purpose. These ladders have a smaller footprint, even if they exceed the height of 12 feet. That makes them useful for handling, maintenance and cleaning.

 Energy Saving

Considering their effectiveness in comparison to other powered vehicles, portable ladders are a much option. These ladders don’t require any electricity to work, which saves a lot of energy for the warehouse each day.

Choosing the Best Warehouse Ladder

Finding the right warehouse ladder can be difficult, especially considering the safety factors involved.

To make your decision easier, given below are some details you should take into consideration before investing in a warehouse ladder.

  • Check the width of the step ladder.
  • Know your platform height. Include the user’s height and arm reach. For example, if you need a warehouse ladder that needs to reach items at a 3.5m spot, get a 2m ladder.
  • Buy a heavy-duty steel ladder if your ladder is required for heavy duty use. Otherwise, search for a thinner steel ladder for occasional use.

Take all these key factors into perspective before buying. To learn more about ladders or to order one from a well-known supplier, call 727-490-8839 to get in touch with a representative from Industrial Man Lifts.