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Industrial Ladder Safety (Custom Stairways)

February 1, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News

Industrial Ladder Safety (Custom Stairways) do not do!

Industrial Ladder Safety (Custom Stairways)

No matter what type of business,Industrial Ladder Safety (Custom Stairways) is more important, it is essential that employees can provide safety tips. In fact, every employee using stairs on a daily basis must also understand the current legislation. After all, non-compliance with safety rules and regulations not only puts the worker at risk of injury but also puts the company at risk of OSHA fines. The following information can be shared with your employee’s productive ups and injuries down.

Industrial Ladder Safety (Custom Stairways)

Industrial Ladder Safety (Custom Stairways)

First we see the ladder stairs for industrial purposes. This type of equipment is large, heavy and potentially dangerous. When employees work lifts properly trained, these should not be afraid, but must meet. For many companies, ladder stairs are essential for running their daily business, allowing employees to go from a ground level to higher places so as to establish their daily work for the company to attain the said goal.


 The work must be performed in a stable platform with a corresponding edge to prevent falling.

Ladders should ideally be used to transport workers from one platform to another. Otherwise, steep stairs must be used to perform simple tasks that do not take more than half an hour to avoid the risk of fatigue that could lead to a crash.




Before climbing the ladder


  • Make sure you wear appropriate footwear porter or a reasonable time, which will not cause tripping.


  • Make sure the ladder is in good condition


  • Make sure the ground is level and firm before turning to the staircase


  • Make sure the surface wet and slippery free before considering the measure, or tilt the scale at a safe distance using a suitable device (up to 16 degrees of inclination, the slope of at least 6 degrees) about Secure the ladder at the top, so you do not slip.


  • Make sure your work area is well lit. About keep the area around the ordered steps to prevent people from tripping and hitting the stairs.


  • Always grasp the scale or when climbing, carefully placing each foot on each step, Do not let go of the ladder – only perform tasks that require the hand.


  • Make sure your balance before attempting any task and on the stairs, do not overreach when on a ladder, and move to the nearest scale.


The ladder stair must always be on a level surface. In this way, employees have a flat, stable surface that can work from whatever material or goods or opening slope. If the ladder stair is meant to use outdoors, it is important that the ground is safe, especially if there is rain or snow on the ground.


Industrial Ladder Safety (Custom Stairways) do not do!

Never like this!




Just as it is important to understand the safety of industrial ladders stairs. Unfortunately, some 300 people in the US die each year from scale accidents, and 130,000 were injured. For this reason, safety is always the number one focus. The most common hazards of concrete measures related to the instability, shock and fall, but with the right information, it can be avoided.


First, employees have to work on the type of ladder for the job. If you need to invest in a new staircase, then this would be the right solution to avoid possible danger. On the one hand, always use a custom ladder stairs, if possible. Moreover, the scale must be approved by the person’s weight capacity, as well as equipment and supplies.


In addition to choosing the right technical level, employees must learn to put the ladder correctly so that should never be higher. The scale must have rubber feet to prevent slipping, but placed on a flat surface. If using an extension ladder, folding or telescopic, employees must ensure that they lock in place. Some simple decision to allow employees to do the work efficiently, but also safely.


So, for an employee in the industry, which is to work with the height of all ladders, and then worry. Compliance with these simple safety rules to minimize the probability of being involved in an accident on the job and end up in serious injury or death in extreme cases. If you have a personal injury in the work accident that was not your fault, then do not forget that you can be eligible to apply.