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Industrial Canes! – What Are They Used For?

August 7, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News


Ancillary heavy lifting equipment has been around for decades now. Every year, these cranes are modified according to the requirements of industrial work platforms. This equipment is primarily used for lifting and offloading freight, movement of materials and for the assembling of heavy equipment.

Each crane is unique in its own perspective. However, all of them use either internal combustion engines, electric motors or steams engines to create a mechanical advantage that allows the crane to life staggering amount of weight.

Different types of construction cranes

There are different types of cranes that are present in the market, each of them is tailored made for a specific use. Some of the most common types of construction cranes are mentioned below:

construction-cranesTower crane

This type of crane is used for the construction of tall building such as skyscrapers. They have a height of about 265 feet and can lift approximately 20 tons in one go.

Vehicle mounted cranes

These are temporary structures and additional equipment is not required to transport the crane to the site. They are normally attached to a truck and the outriggers are extended horizontally from behind the truck.

Aerial cranes

These are helicopters used to transport weight from one destination to another, making them perfect for industrial work platforms that do not have enough space to accommodate conventional cranes.

Rough Terrain Crane

This is a truck mounted crane that resembles vehicle mounted cranes, but are specifically designed for off-road terrain. This crane is mounted ontop of a truck that has especially designed tires that provide optimum grip for tough road terrain.

Things to consider before purchasing a crane

Purchasing a crane can prove to be quite challenging, especially for the uninitiated as there are so many different factors that have to be taken into consideration.

To make every industrial contractor’s life easier, given below are the five factors that everyone should take into consideration before investing in a crane.

  1. What will the crane exclusively be used for?
  2. What kind of weight is the crane going to transport?
  3. What area will the crane be used in?
  4. Consider the different componentns of the crane
  5. How will the crane be transported to the job sight

All of these key factors should be taken into perspective by every contractor who is interested in buying man lifts. To learn more about cranes or to order one from the most renowned company, simply call 727-490-8839 to get in touch with a representative from Industrial Man Lifts.