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How to Optimize Your Warehouse – A Short Guide

April 5, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News

Managing a warehouse can be a difficult task if there isn’t already a proper working system in place.

The inventory and warehouse operation needs to be quick and easy. Employees should be able to identify products within a glance and move to the specific spot.

Optimizing your warehouse management for efficiency doesn’t just make the job easier for your employees but also improves delivery times, inventory management and most importantly, customer satisfaction.

Tips on Optimizing Your Warehouse

Real-time Tracking Inventory

Real-time tracking keeps you up-to-date on all the items that are moving in and out of the warehouse. Without this system, you don’t become aware of a gap in the stock until later, and that can make things difficult, especially if you need that stock at an urgent notice.

Real-time inventory tracking systems only require three components – a cloud-based tracking and data storage system, scanning devices that input data directly to the cloud, and the internet.

Tracking Items through Demand

Data analysis of your stock in the warehouse can also help determine which items are the most popular. That in turn allows you to store the common items at the front, within reach with the less popular items in the back.

This can make the warehouse more efficient, since your employees won’t have to waste time searching or high-demand products in a large space.

Updated Layout and Organization

Your goal is to maximize employee efficiency while improving your warehouse layout. Start by removing any roadblocks that might restrict your employee’s movement. Install stainless steel ladders so that there’s no problem in reaching any products.

Bundle products which are popular ahead on the shelves to save time. Organize the system in a way to make it easier for your employees to pack the orders.

Be Competitive

Never shy away from using newer technology and equipment. But don’t limit yourself from using surefire methods to improve your efficiency either. Buy single man lifts so height isn’t an issue for storage. Install package tracking software to save time and money.



Rather than a majPicture7or overhaul of your system, stay focused on maintaining and upgrading your warehouse. Try different procedures and innovations and find out which process would suit your warehouse.

Utilize all storage space on the premises and install any equipment that may increase your efficiency. You’ll have a much easier time improving upon a system that is already there, rather than starting from scratch.