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Crane Sales

August 29, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News

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Crane Sales 

With Crane Sales, whether you want to move and install heavy equipment, load heavy objects for transport, or simplify your construction project, you will most likely come across a crane. Cranes are part of a long line of man’s ingenuity to move large objects over distance. As with most technology today, we’ve come a long way in technological advance when in comes. Cranes are no longer just fun toys to play with–they are sophisticated machines that are capable of moving more weight over more distance in the shortest time in history. We truly have developed some amazing technology for cranes.

crane sales

crane sales

 Crane Types

There are many types of crane types used in industry today. Some of the largest are stiff-leg Derricks and hammer-head tower cranes, while some of the smallest can be found on personal fishing vessels. Whether you’re looking for a crane that is attached to a wheeled vehicle or one that hangs from a beam, no matter what your job is, there is a crane for you. The industrial cranes we specialize in have their place in heavy duty jobs of many types.

The work involved with cranes is as varied as the cranes themselves. Whether you’re working indoors or outdoors, with large or small equipment, at sea or high in the air, there is a crane specifically designed for you. Some cranes are specifically designed for reaching, such as the Reversible Boom Crane, while others are just designed for versatility. Similarly, the max loads, max lift height, and minimum lift height are all dependent on the type of crane being used and the job that is called for.


Crane Safety

The use of cranes comes along with safety issues that you must pay attention to. Load, radius, and swing are the key to safety. Workers who use cranes must know how to properly avoid workplace accidents while using a crane. Therefore, there are standards that one must follow and train to.

In order to properly operate a crane you should refer to OSHA standards and certification before getting involved in a situation that could be harmful or deadly. Make sure you speak to the proper authorities to obtain useful information on training and certification. All of this information can be found on OSHA’s website.