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Your Commercial Ladder Buying Guide

March 9, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News


When buying a ladder to use for residential purposes, we usually go for the sturdier and stronger options. However, choosing a ladder for industrial applications might not be as easy.

Commercial ladders are used under much rougher circumstances and quite often. If you are to buy a ladder for commercial use, it’s important that you know the right steps to getting the best option.

Steps to Buying Commercial Ladders

  • The Ladder Style

There are numerous types of industrial ladders available. Most of these ladders have a safety feature incorporated—like the crossover ladder— so that you have ample support while standing and moving. Know which type of ladder would suit your purpose more.

A wrong style of ladder may limit your movement and may even cause injuries if used improperly. Check the complete inventory before you decide on one.

  • The Ladder Height


Let’s take the extension ladder as an example.

Typically, the extension ladder can go 7-10 feet higher or even more. But this would be of no use in areas with a lower ceiling. Consider the length for the set up, the height restrictions and the extension of the ladder above the surface line.

A 4-foot ladder should allow you to reach around 8 feet safely.

  • The Load Capacity or Load Ratio

There are several categories of load ratio for different types of ladders. Each ladder is manufactured to handle a certain amount of weight. Do your research and figure out the maximum weight you will be using your ladders for.

Also, incorporate the weight of the person with the total weight of the load. A Type IA ladder which supports 300 lbs will not only support 150 lbs if the person using it also weighs 150 lbs.

  • The Material

Material matters. You can’t use a stainless steel ladder if plan on working near naked power lines. You may however choose from fiberglass and aluminum ladders. Buy one which suits your environmental and personal preferences.

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