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Choosing the Right Reversible Boom Crane

A reversible boom crane is considered new machinery within the construction world. The very first cranes were made long ago by the Ancient Greeks. Men and Donkeys would team up to make these cranes work.

Written By Industrial Man Lifts

On January 7, 2016

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Choosing the Right Reversible Boom Crane


If you own a major construction company, it is important to purchase a reversible boom crane. Without this machine, your fellow employees won’t be able to complete certain tasks. Did you know that these cranes can lift anywhere from 1,000 to a whopping 20,000 pounds? Heights can even extend up to 18 feet. This would definitely help out in any type of construction job. It also will speed up the time for construction projects which means that you won’t be paying out extra hours to your workers just to get the job done. This can be a hassle if you want to save money for your company. Although cranes are expensive, the return is great. You will definitely see a difference, and your employees will be thankful they have the correct machines to get the job done.


A reversible boom crane is considered new machinery within the construction world. The very first cranes were made long ago by the Ancient Greeks. Men and Donkeys would team up to make these cranes work. However, these days – we never rely on animals for this type of job. Back then, the cranes were mostly used for the construction of buildings. Many of the buildings were too tall and without the help of a crane, they probably couldn’t get the job done. Hundreds of years later more advanced and larger cranes were developed.

old donkey crane

Break time for the poor little donkey. No more crane work!


The Use of a Reversible Boom Crane

Many of you who are interested in buying a boom crane want to know the specifics when it comes to uses, mechanics and benefits. A crane is simply a machine that is used to lift heavy things that man cannot lift themselves. These cranes will be equipped with hoist or wire ropes. They even use chains for this if the item they are lifting is too heavy. After all, they don’t want to run the risk of the rope snapping and dropping the item that is being lifted. This would cost your company a lot of money, especially if the insurance doesn’t cover everything. That’s why it is so important to properly train your workers on safety and procedures. A boom crane can lift an item or moves it in a horizontal direction. By using a reversible boom crane, you have a mechanic advantage and can move hundreds or even thousands of pounds of stuff. A human is strong, but there are some things that they just cannot lift. Like the entire room of a facility, a car, or even loads of heavy debris. Cranes are within the transport industry and are often used for loading freight or unloading.


The Mechanics of a Reversible Boom Crane

These cranes offer self-propelled drive which means the operator can perform other tasks. They are also great to use in small spaces. Even though this machine is big, it can maneuver quite well. In fact, many of them are able to move around cars, get around corners, or dodge workers in the way. It is obviously important to be careful on the job. This is why you need to explain to all your employees to wear their yellow safety vests and hat. An operator is more likely to see you if you are wearing this. The reversible boom crane is only able to go up to 4 MPH, which is less than a person can run. Every crane is different. You will find a reversible boom crane, which can lift up to 3,000 pounds or one capable of lifting 17,000 pounds. Actually, they are capable of lifting up to 20,000 pounds. Also, a crane is hydraulically operated, and they have built-in pressure relief valves. This can help prevent an overload. Everyone knows that mistakes are made, and workers don’t always measure the weight before lifting. This is why the manufacturers of these cranes made sure that there will be no accidents or damage. Once the crane starts moving, decelerations is gradual although these don’t come to a quick stop. However, you can use the mechanic break by releasing the control handle.


How to Buy a Reversible Boom Crane

This is a good question. There aren’t many reversible boom cranes online. The reasoning is because of shipping.

  1. Figure out just what type of crane you want. All the boom cranes are different. Especially when it comes to how much it can lift. You will most likely pay more for something that is capable of lifting over 12,000 lbs. as opposed to one that can lift only 1,000 lbs.
  2. Call Industrial Man Lifts to help you specify your requirements. Remember, we can customize the design to fit your specific application.


A reversible boom crane will be great for any construction business so don’t waste any time. Start looking right now and you’ll be glad you did!


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