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Cantilever Ladders – How can they help your business

February 2, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News

Cantilever Ladders – How can it help your business
Cantilever Ladders – How can they help your business

Having a cantilever ladder could potentially be one of the smartest investments you could make if you could make use of it frequently, but why buy something generic when we can provide you with one custom tailored to your needs? We can provide you with aluminum ladders and steel ladders, in a variety of shapes and sizes that will best work for you.

We take pride in providing our customers with quality custom manufactured work, and our custom built cantilevered ladders are no exception. Our quality and consistency of our work is unmatched.


The cantilevered ladder is a fairly new addition to the industrial arena, as has quite quickly become a must have for industry professionals. They can provide access above an obstacle or a hard to reach area by allowing you to perform cantilever (hover) beyond the back of the ladder while you are secure on the platform.  This specific design of ladder has been tried and tested, and is by far the safer option as opposed to conventional ladders.

With all of the unique features, this style of industrial ladder has the most important one not only to you, but to the other people using its safety features. With hand rails, a wide platform, a locking mechanism that secures the unit firmly on the ground, and wheels that allow for easy movement, this style of industrial ladder will outwork and overpower any of its closest industrial competitors and keep everyone who is up in the air on the platform safe and sound, with bare minimum risk of a fall.

The cantilevered ladder’s unique overhang is possible through using a counterweight, which is located under the bottom step and can either be supported or unsupported. Options to have your ladder on wheels are available.


We can customize your industrial ladder to access your hard to reach areas, and with a large working platform at the top, you will have free, unrestricted access while you’re working. Because your work environment is unique, your cantilever ladders are equally unique as well.

Our engineers can take specifications you provide and turn them into stable, safe, and easy to use ladders that will right away and without a doubt increase your productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency in the workplace. You will be able to, quite literally, “roll in,” get the job done, and “roll out” with ease. They are the perfect solution for you to achieve work on the top of those high tanks or other industrial equipment that otherwise are challenging, if not impossible to get to.

If you are working outside or in an environment that is moist or wet, we can ensure that your steps and platform be slip-resistant.


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