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Breaking Down the Types of Industrial Ladders and their Applications

June 21, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News

Industrial Ladders

There are different kinds of industrial ladders used for a variety of applications. If you have little idea about ladder types and their uses, keep reading to learn the basics of some of the commonly available industrial ladders and the applications they are used for.

Why is it important to know about ladder types and their applications?  

The answer to this is simple.  You need to know the basis about industrial ladders to make the correct decision when choosing a ladder for a specific task.

You must first determine which kind of ladder will be most appropriate for the task at hand.

Common industrial ladder types

Ladders are made using materials like wood, plastic, aluminum, and steel. Most industrial ladders are metal based because they are required to be more durable. Aluminum ladders have become very popular because they are lighter than steel ladders and are not affected by corrosion. Some of the commonly used industrial ladders are:

1. Step ladders

The step ladders are the most popular kind of industrial ladders. They can support themselves and are extremely portable.

These ladders are being used in industries as well as in homes for repair work and installation of fixtures and fittings.

The two sub types of step ladders are the simple front step ladder and the twin step ladder.

2. Extension ladders

The extension ladders cannot support themselves but they can be extended to become longer to reach higher places.

These ladders are made of two parts; the first is called the base and the other is called the fly.

When the ladder is extended, the fly moves along the base and the length of the ladder increases. They are mostly used in homes, and for repair work, which is not at a great height.

3. Folding ladders

Folding ladders can be folded and easily carried around. They can support themselves, but are not known for bearing very heavy loads. They are mostly used for domestic purposes and some of them include safety features.

4. Platform ladders

These kinds of ladders have a platform on the top with a rail guard for safety reasons. They are the preferred option for tasks which take a long time to complete because they are more comfortable than the other types.

Industrial Ladders 2

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