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Beginner’s Guide to Work Platforms

August 12, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News

work platforms

Work platforms are your perfect solution for working at heights. Ensuring product and employee safety, these platforms provide you with temporary access to inaccessible areas.

The type of work platform you choose depends upon the type of work you need to do and its duration. For example, to replace light bulbs you may choose a scissor lift; but for a quick paint job or to make repairs to the building, you will need scaffolding.

Different platforms with different uses

Different platforms have different uses. They are all designed, or customized, for some specific purpose. Thus, it is important for you to identify the purpose you need a work platform for.

For example, to access areas that are not very high, mast lifts are the perfect choice. However, if you need greater degree of aerial accessibility, an articulating boom lift is what you need.

Selecting a mobile working platform or a stationary one

Mobile or portable work platforms offer convenience as they can be moved from one place to another since they are designed in that way. Stationary work platforms, on the other hand, are difficult to move. Hence, recommended for use only if you need permanent access to a place.

Crossover work platforms

If you need to cross over a barrier at your workplace, you need a crossover work platform. They help you cross the obstacle with ease as you get from one side to the other.

Need for handrails

Every few seconds, as many as 153 workers are involved in a work-related accident. So, to ensure safety at all times, work platforms must have handrails. However, if these handrails interfere in the work that needs to be carried out and you have no other choice, choose a platform without handrails.

Size of the work platform and the available space

When choosing a work platform for your workplace, you must always keep in mind the space available for it. If you want a mobile work platform, you will need to have sufficient room to maneuver it from one place to another.

A platform with a stairway will also require significant space. Therefore, it is essential to plan carefully and examine all dimensions before making your decision.

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