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A Basic Guide To Dock Levelers

August 8, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News


Dock levelers are generally permanent fixtures that bridge the gap between a dock and the loading truck, as not all trucks are the same height.

These dock levelers give businesses the ability to create a customized lift platform that allows them to conveniently load shipment into their respective delivery trucks.

Previously, businesses and industries would have to use forklifts in order to pick up weight and transfer it to delivery trucks, but those days are long gone. These adjustable work platforms have effectively resolved this issue.

Different types of dock levelers

Currently, there are many different dock levelers out there that have been tailored made for different functions; however, there are three generic types mentioned below.

  1. Mechanical Dock Levelers

Mechanical dock levelers were the first levelers introduced in the market. Even today, they are widely used all around the world. These are the simplest form of levelers and use the least amount of technology to bridge the gap between a dock and a loading truck.

  1. Hydraulic lift dock levelers

These are the most powerful dock levelers available in the market today and are ideal for high volume facilities. They are currently the most popular dock levelers due to their efficiency and because it provides end users with optimum safety.

  1. Air lift dock levelers

This an innovating dock leveler that is perfect for any setting. This machinery uses inflated air bags to life weight from the dock so that it can be shifted to a loading truck. However, the air bag has the tendency of malfunctioning especially is the leveler is used to lift staggering weight!

fork-lift-truckThings to consider before buying a dock leveler

Due to the array of different dock levelers available in the market today, many businesses end up investing in levelers that do not meet their required specifications. This is exactly why we at Industrial Man Lifts have articulated a list of factors that should be taken into consideration. These factors are as follows.

Define your needs: Before investing in a dock leveler, every person should first consider the purpose of the leveler: what is the maximum weight it will have to carry? What height the leveler has to accommodate? How regular will the leveler be used?

Identify the required options: After defining your needs, you will have to take a few more factors into consideration which includes, manual or powered leveler, signaling and controls and the level of safety you expect from the leveler.

Since there are so many different factors that come in to play, it can be quite difficult for a business to determine which leveler would best suit their requirement.

Rest assured we at Industrial Man Lifts are here to help. Simply call us at 727-490-8839 and we will make sure that you make the right choice!