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Articulating vs. Telescoping Boom Lifts: Which One Should You Use?

May 29, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News

telescoping boom lifts

Boom lifts always provides the construction industry experts with the opportunity to bring about a difference in their day to day operations.

A wide array of models with different lift heights is available for almost any kind of work environment.

Facilitation equipment at an industrial site which keeps in mind safety concerns is everybody’s need. When choosing a boom lift, some aspects worth considering are whether it will be used indoors or outdoors; the horizontal and vertical reach of the platform; and specific lifting capacities.

 Articulated Boom Lift

Alternatively known as a knuckle lift, an articulate boom consists of a platform that is designed to bend around obstacles.

Such types of lifts are usually opted for work that involves elaborate maintenance around over-crowded areas. They are usually employed on completed buildings because the bending functionality helps reach above and around well-established structures, trees and rooflines.

Telescopic Boom Lifts

An extendable straight arm, at the end of which is attached a work bucket that carries the person. Such types of boom lifts are usually used for elevated, extended height. This is because the straight arm is able to extend right up to maximum height. Medium height buildings that are detected with electrical or exterior repairs make use of these aerial lifts.

Dexterity/ Versatility

The telescoping boom lift is known for its stability since it is designed to reach heights. Work material such as roofing supplies that need to be displaces are usually done using a telescoping boom lift.

This facilitates stacking, reducing the risk of falls and injury. It is also made to operate on rough terrain.

However, if you are on the lookout for something that can maneuver its way over hindrances and can exercise flexibility, articulating boom lifts is the more preferred option.

By making the required adjustments, you are able to position yourself in the right spot. Power lines are usually fixed using this.

Vertical Heights

Telescoping boom lifts differentiate themselves by being able to reach a height of 30 to 180 feet.

Designed to move around the work site with minimum hassle, boom lifts are designed to lift not only workers, but other tools and light-weight materials that might come in handy during the work.

Optimum efficiency and productivity is derived as the lift allows the operator to exercise greater mobility and flexibility.

Invest in boom lifts and eliminate the need to use traditional ladder, scaffolds or man-baskets.

From manufacturing plants to maintenance service providers and construction and warehousing companies, aerial access solutions are for all. Contact Industrial Man Lifts to buy boom lifts, customized as per your needs.