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Aluminum & Steel Yard Ramps: Best Uses!

Aluminum & Steel Yard Ramps: Best Uses! You can choose an aluminum yard ramp or a steel yard ramp depending on the exact utility you must cater to.

Written By Industrial Man Lifts

On April 12, 2016

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Aluminum & Steel Yard Ramps: Best Uses!

You can choose an aluminum yard ramp or a steel yard ramp depending on the exact utility you must cater to. Your personal preference may influence your decision but you should not overlook the core issues. An aluminum yard ramp is ideal in certain circumstances. A steel yard ramp is ideal for certain specific environments and needs. If you find either one fulfilling your requirements completely, go for it. If it is not an ideal option, then don’t allow your personal preference or even budgetary constraints to influence or dictate your decision. Choosing the wrong or unsafe yard ramp will cost you dearly.


The primary difference between an aluminum yard ramp and a steel yard ramp is very obvious. The former is made of aluminum and the latter is made of steel. There are many similarities between the two and several differences. Let us explore those similarities and dissimilarities which will by default offer us the best uses of both.


Both aluminum yard ramp and steel yard ramp can last decades. Industrial Man Lifts doesn’t compromise on the quality or grade of aluminum and steel so you can safely count on the durability of the ramps. Aluminum and steel ramps can be portable or fixed. They will obviously have varying load capacities depending on the needs you have. Both the materials can make for aesthetically pleasing ramps and can be coated or treated for enhanced longevity.


There are many differences between aluminum and steel if you factor in the materials they are, how they are made and processed, what kind of utilities they have and many other aspects. You don’t need to be worried about all those since they don’t affect you directly or indirectly. What does matter is the cost, the ease of use, the load bearing capacity, maintenance and of course if the yard ramp would be suitable for your needs.

The most distinct dissimilarity between aluminum yard ramp and steel yard ramp is the fact that the former would not cause sparks when moved and wouldn’t aid combustion or explosion. Steel can cause sparks when it is dragged on the ground or if it is struck by a hard metallic object. In scenarios where the ramps will be placed near combustible materials or if there would be any chance of a fire, explosion or anything remotely inflammable then the sparks can be a risk. In such scenarios, aluminum yard ramps make the most sense.

In applications where there is no chance of a fire or explosion, there is no combustible or inflammable substance around, one can safely use steel yard ramps. It is a better option because of price and durability.

Aluminum can be just as durable as steel but the latter tends to last longer. However, rusting is more common with steel. The structural integrity and load bearing capacity of steel may get impaired subject to oxidation over time. Aluminum on its part may have reduced load bearing capacity should the impacts of tempering be negated by the welding process during installation. Both the materials seem to have one positive and one negative if you take a holistic view.

Fortunately, Industrial Man Lifts makes steel yard ramps that are coated to shield the material against oxidation and rusting. With a bit of maintenance over the years you can have the desired longevity. With aluminum yard ramps, you can safely get the advantages of tempering that allows greater load bearing capacity without much compromise on its flexibility. Else, the material may become brittle and the load bearing capacity may get reduced over the years.

Best Uses of Aluminum & Steel Yard Ramps

Aluminum yard ramps are ideal for refineries and any type of oil production unit, warehousing, ammunition production and storage facilities, manufacturing, distribution and the chemical industry, especially fertilizers. Aluminum yard ramps can also be used in every other industry or operation, as long as the particular ramp you choose has the capacity to bear the load. In some cases, aluminum yard ramps may be more expensive than steel yard ramps. Unless you have one of the aforementioned operations wherein aluminum is the imperative choice, you can get steel yard ramps. Being cheaper and also being fascinatingly durable steel yard ramps are ideal for personal, semi-industrial and large scale industrial operations.

Steel yard ramps are less expensive because of the cost of raw materials. The manufacturing process, associated expenses such as labor and overhead, treatments and coatings don’t make as much of a difference as the cost of raw materials of aluminum and steel. If you are on a stringent budget, then a steel yard ramp may be a natural choice. But don’t get a steel yard ramp if you have a risky environment or a space where you would deal with inflammable items.


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