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Aircraft Maintenance Stands and Platforms Designed For Routine Maintenance

May 17, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News


When it comes to the aviation industry, there is a diverse variety of aircraft maintenance stands available.

This often leads to confusions like—do you need a smaller stand that allows you to inspect and maintain the rotor? Or would you be better off with a larger stand that allows you to disassemble key aircraft components?

From simple refueling stands to aircraft maintenance stands, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Here are a few that are generally used across hangars:

Daily Maintenance Stands

Daily aircraft maintenance stands are used for typical maintenance activities. The standard ones include a staircase and a platform with a single deck. They can be easily repositioned and some variants may also be towable.

The most useful daily maintenance stands are height adjustable and offer flexibility through a range of ladders, railings and plenty of other access requirements.

If you are looking for daily routine maintenance stands, make sure you buy ones that offer adequate protection.

Phase Maintenance Stands

These stands allow technicians to perform complete maintenance at the depot level. They are designed to wrap around the aircraft completely and provide easy access to tools for disassembling larger parts.

The platforms may also include electrical and air services. However, due to the nature of applications these platforms may take longer to setup.

Deployable Stands

These platforms are used in aircraft maintenance applications where the platforms need to be moved frequently throughout the day. They deploy almost immediately and don’t include any tools.

Due to the easy deployment, these platforms may have lesser features. However, they fit in smaller spaces and are perfect for emergency aircraft checks.

The Industrial Aircraft Stand

The industrial stand is one that covers typically all features of other stands. It is perfect for aircraft maintenance or to be used as a standard work platform.

One of the most important features of industrial scale aircraft maintenance stands is that due to their versatility they are only used in larger hangars, typically for commercial aircrafts. They might not be the ideal option for low-height hangars intended to maintain personal, smaller aircrafts.

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