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Aerial Lift Purchasing Guide

January 31, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News

Before we dive into your options for aerial lifts, let’s look at the basic factors that will help you determine exactly which lift equipment you should buy.

Answers to the following questions can provide you with a basic guideline:

  • What is the job site like?
  • How high will you be required to reach?
  • How much weight is the lift supposed to carry?
  • Should it be able to hold multiple people?
  • Do you need a boom for horizontal jobs?

After you’ve determined what you need, use your answers to narrow your choices and buy aerial lift equipment that’s best suited for your work requirements.

What are Your Options?

Scissor Lifts

These vertical lifts are equipped with platforms that are of the same size as their base. Used for both outdoor and indoor projects, these platforms can be used for both equipment and personnel.

Scissor lifts are mainly used as work platforms because of their relatively large size and stability. With their range in heights, these models can go from 10-60 feet, although most have a working height of 20-40 feet.

Scissor lifts are also a popular option because they have an unrestricted capacity for weight. In fact, the most power scissor lift has been found to hold around 50 tons of goods. Numerous options in scissor lifts include:

  • Electric scissor lifts (indoor use)
  • Rough terrain scissor lifts (outdoor use)

Boom Lifts

Boom lifts comprise a base and a work platform that’s attached to a maneuverable arm. The different types of boom lifts are separated through their categorization by boom type, power source and the workplace that’s attached to the arm.

Each boom has different limits as to how high the work platform can be extended to, so you have multiple options with boom lifts that are angled, or only go up and down. These boom lifts are also differentiated by the maximum weight that they can carry, as well as their attached platforms. However, these booms do have a choice of attachments. You can swap those workspaces for lumber hooks, buckets or lifting hooks.

Aerial boom lifts have three options of power sources as well. You do have diesel-powered, battery-operated and electric boom lifts to choose from. Popular type of boom lifts are:

  • Knuckle boom lift
  • Vertical boom lift
  • Telescoping boom lift
  • Towable boom lifts

Want More Options?

The above are just some options you can go for when buying boom lifts. If you want to view a full range of lifts, contact us at 727-490-8839 and get in touch with a representative.

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