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Air Motor Maintenance Lift

Air Motor Maintenance Lift

1,000 to 2,000 lb. capacities Up to 144 in. height Wheels and handle for maneuverability
  • Pivoted steering handle with two swivel casters and two rigid wheels; positive-action floor locks prevent movement.
Work platform enclosed for worker safety
  • Includes guard rail with entry safety chain. Remote control is available on all models.
Includes velocity fuses (over-center holding valves on double acting systems) for worker safety in the event of hydraulic failure.  

Air Motor Maintenance Lift Specifications:

Capacity (lb.) Deck Size (in) Vertical Travel (in) Lowered Height (in) Raised Height (in) Model Number
Electric Motor Air Motor Gas Engine LPG Engine
1,000 32x60 120 24 144 MLI-1000-E MLI-1000-A MLI-1000-G MLI-1000-LP
1,500 32x60 76 20 96 MLI-1500-E MLI-1500-A MLI-1500-G MLI-1500-LP
2,000 32x60 40 16 56 MLI-2000-E MLI-2000-A MLI-2000-G MLI-2000-LP
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