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Castor Oil Cake Extraction Machine

The process of solvent extractor 1.The oil pre-pressed will be put in the leaching plant .Then we add NO.6 solvent oil let oil combined with solvent .The temperature of solvent should be 55-60 degree
Peanut Oil Cake Extraction Machine

This peanut oil extraction is mainly used to press oils from oil bearing plants, with the characteristics of high quality, cheap price, compact structure and good after sale service.
Rapeseed Oil Cake Extraction

Method of rapeseed oil extraction process 1) The material will be have a pretreatment process , we need to clean the rapeseed , crush , cook , flaking , press the rapeseed . the oil residue in the cak
Oilseed Plate Dryer

After extrusion, usually the oilseeds contain massive moisture. So there must be certain method for drying, so as to make it reach the optimal moisture content before goes to solvent extraction proces
Miscella Distillation

The purpose of distillation is to thermally separate the miscella into a liquid oil fraction and solvent vapour fraction. The energy efficiency of distillation is maximized through optimum use of the

The character of DTDC: 1. Passivation and broken the urease, trypsin and other anti nutrition ingredients,etc. in the meal, increase the meal value in use. 2. Keep the protein degeneration degree in t

Professional industrial edible oil pressing machinery. Our process mill machinery provides CO2 oil extraction, seed oil extraction, refining equipment.