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Pallet Equipment

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Plastic PalletSkid

Plastic Pallet/Skid   Plastic Pallet/Skid Features: This innovative design unites two essential product features; capacity and versatility. Pallet/Skid entry provides 4-way entry, 2-way by pallet
Pallet Wedge

Pallet Wedge   Pallet Wedge Features: Pallet Wedge is used for straightening GMA, Plastic or Wood Pallets, 40”x48”.  Heavy duty welded steel construction with eleven anchoring points.  Pall
Pallet Washer1

Pallet Washer   Pallet Washer Features: Our Plastic Pallet Washer cabinet allows you to rinse, clean and remove debris that can accumulate on pallets.  Constructed entirely of stainless steel, s
Pallet Puller

Pallet Puller   Pallet Puller Features: Pallet pullers are used to pull pallets to rear of trailers for easy fork truck access. Rugged steel construction. Heads are self-cleaning and unaffected b
Pallet Cargo Decking

Pallet Cargo Decking   Pallet Cargo Decking Features:   • Reduce Freight Damage • Increase Trailer Load Volume • Protect Delicate Freight Optimize your trailer space with Pallet Cargo
Pallet Canopy

Pallet Canopy Pallet Canopy FeatureS: Unload pallets in the rain, snow or sleet. The Pallet Canopy will keep your incoming or outgoing products in great condition. The all steel roof measures 50̸

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