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Oil Extraction

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Rotocel Extraction Equipment

Specially suitable for the extraction of various pre-pressed meals.
Solvent Condensation and Recovery Equipment

Solvent condensation system combines with evaporation system closely, and evaporative condenser and steam stripping condenser all work under negative pressure.
Paraffin Oil Recovery Machinery

In solvent recovery system, the solvent enters the holding tank through water tank, and the condensed waste water is discharged from water tank.
Miscella Vacuum Evaporation

Oil extraction obey the rule of extracting principle to obtain crude oil from various processing oilseeds. It passes through process of organic solvent extraction, desolventizing and toasting, evapora
Wet Meal Desolventizing

Desolventizer toaster is the key equipment for wet meal desolventizing and passivation of anti-nutritional factors in the meal.
Coconut Oil Cake Extraction Machine

Oil extraction plant designed by Our Company mainly contains Rotocel extractor, Loop type extractor and Twoline extractor. According to different raw material, we adopt different machine type, and we