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Cantilever Ladders

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Cantilever Ladders Offer Stability and Convenience

 Cantilever ladders combine two effective technologies into one stable and convenient product. You receive a rolling ladder, but you also receive an elevated platform with an overhang so workers can access the top of a working area without obstacles in their way. This improves worker safety, increases production, and it happens for a price that fits within your current budget.

Choosing the right cantilever ladder to meet your needs depends on the jobs you’re expecting to have at your site. You will need to know what the maximum height of the object that workers will need to access so you’ll know how much clearance the platform will require. If you have objects of varying height, then instead of investing into multiple ladders, a customized solution could be the better investment.

At Industrial ManLifts, we can also customize cantilever ladders so they can be adjustable to fit with the changing needs of your working environments. Contact us today to see how a custom cantilever ladder could change your approach to each job that needs to get done.

In the aviation industry, one of the most common needs for a cantilever ladder is for engine access. A standard cantilever ladder will not always be able to meet this need because there may need to be more than one engineer or mechanic accessing the engine at any given time. Our engine access maintenance ladder has a wider base and platform to accommodate multiple workers and the tools they may need to have on-hand to get the work done.

Look for a ladder which meets your weight requirement and has locking casters for maximum safety.. Time is money and if you’re wasting time with limited worker access, then you’re not maximizing the potential of your opportunities.  If you think your workers would benefit from having a cantilever ladder to use or you need a customized solution to improve worker access, then let us be of assistance.

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