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GSE Vehicles

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TL600-Military Lavatory Service Truck

The TL600-MIL is designed to service the lavatory systems of all major commercial and military aircraft fitted with commercial lavatories. Industrial Manlifts (888)730-8377
TL600-Platform Lavatory Service Truck

The TL600 lavatory service truck is designed to service all sizes of commercial aircraft. Industrial Manlifts (888)730-8377
TL700 Lavatory Service Truck

The TL700 lavatory service truck is designed to service all sizes of commercial aircraft. Industrial Manlifts (888)730-8377
TL1000PL Lavatory Service Truck

The TL1000PL Lavatory Service Truck is designed to service all sizes of commercial aircraft. Industrial Manlifts (888)730-8377
Scorpion Aircraft Tug

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Scorpion Aircraft Tug Tow aircraft up to 15,000 pounds gross weight Lift arm capacity 1,000 pounds, lift up to 2 feet high Quickly converts from tug to crane Self-propelled available for maximum mob
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The Truck Mounted Scissor Lift is a pickup truck mounted scissor lift. The unit offers a rear extension platform and the unit offers a quick disconnect system from the truck. The unit is powered by a

GSE Vehicles

 Ground Support Equipment [GSE] vehicles are the tools of the trade that you need as an aerial access solution provider. Whether you are servicing large commercial aircraft or you maintain personal aircraft, there are certain vehicles that help you get your work completed more efficiently. These are the vehicles that you'll want to have on-hand for your ground crew today.

  • Scorpion Aircraft Tug. This tug is the universal GSE vehicle that you can't believe you've been living without. Not only is it a universal crane lift, but it also operates as an aircraft tug and an APU. It can accurately move or positing an aircraft weighing up to 15,000 pounds.
  • APV High Speed Tow Vehicle. Some ground crew members might still call this vehicle a tug, but it is much more than that. This is the GSE vehicle that will help you to quickly deliver luggage, freight, or mail throughout the tarmac. It is reliable, durable, and will help you meet your contracted obligations.
  • APV Crew Van. Because of the enhanced security at many airports today, bringing your crew to each job site has changed over the years. This crew van can make sure your people are where they need to be.

 You'll also find numerous other GSE vehicles that can meet some very specific needs that you may have on any given day. To properly service an aircraft, you must be able to accommodate the changing needs that the airline industry and private owners may have. With this equipment providing your ground crew with the support options they need, you'll be able to effectively and professionally deliver results every day.  The best people on your ground crew are only as good as the GSE vehicles that you are currently operating. If it has been some time since you've made an investment into this category, then consider the value that these vehicles could provide you today. Whether you're moving an aircraft or you're just moving mail, luggage, freight, or people, these are the solutions that will help you maintain your status as being the best at what you do.