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Drum Dollies / Transporters

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Multi-Purpose Dollies

 Multi-Purpose Dollies    Multi-Purpose Dollies Features: These multi-purpose dollies have a high polished bright zinc finish forcorrosion resistance and (4) 3″ x 1¼” swivel caster
Economy Portable Drum LifterRotatorTransporter

 Economy Portable Drum Lifter/Rotator/Transporter    Economy Portable Drum Lifter/Rotator/Transporter Features: Easy to lift, transport and tilt 55 gallon drums. Ideal for use in warehouse envi
Pail dollies

Multi-Pail Dolly Multi-Pail Dolly Features: Move your 5 gallon containers with ease. Ideal for job sites, tile and grout work, janitorial and cleaning tasks and other industrial uses. Designed to wor
Overpack Drum Dollies   Containers

Overpack Drum Dollies & Containers Overpack Drum Dollies & Containers Features: Transport containment units with Overpack Drum Dollies, series DRUM-SP. Designed to hold drum spill containers.

Drum Dollies/Transporters by Industrial Manlifts are used to transport Drums to & from your desired location.We offer different sizes.Please Call (888)730-8377